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Inshore Site Investigation - CPT Operations

Data acquisition
Data is captured by the CPT surface unit in
real-time as the test is being pushed and displayed in graphical format. This data may be plotted out in graphical form on completion of the test. Data is also saved automatically to the CPT system hard drive and floppy disc.

The ASCII data is transferred directly to the offline computer for insertion into a post processing software package.

The GTeC-1 is capable of carrying out in situ testing in water depths of up to 2,000 metres. The system is the first to use the combination of a
subsea automated control unit, subsea power packs, and acoustic telemetry to provide a compact, single cable system suited to a variety of applications.

Through use of a subsea automated control system, subsea memory module, power pack, and acoustic telemetry system, the CPT has the following advantages compared to normal CPT's:

· Rapid mobilisation/demobilisation
· Minimal deck area requirement
· No need for special umbilicals and spoolers
· No risk of umbilical damage and lengthy re-termination times
· Suitable for world-wide air-freighting
· Launch and recovery using standard winch and wire
· Only requires a 220V onboard power supply for the battery charger
· Subsea data storage providing extra security

Full data sets are up-linked online during each test in exactly the same way as with a cable link. Back-up copies of data can be downloaded from the subsea memory module whenever the unit is returned to the vessel.

The onboard data processing system enables all data to be processed and interpreted onboard substantially reducing reporting times and enabling the onboard team to optimise survey plans.

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