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Oceanographic - Oceanographic Survey Data

The collection and processing of oceanographic survey data is different to time series data in a number of ways. The data tends to be collected over shorter time scales but often covers greater geographical areas.

A greater degree of control over the data is also possible since Clydeside Surveys would generally be involved in both the data collection and processing aspects of a project.

A strong emphasis is placed on quality assurance during the data collection as well as on automating the routine aspects of data collection to as great an extent as possible. The use of automatic logging and relevant graphical displays allow the field staff more time to plan the survey and maximise useful data return.

Typical types of data that are routinely processed include:

ADCP Surveys
Dispersion Studies
Current and Water Quality Profiling
Drogue Tracking

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The collection and processing of survey data is one of the key areas of expertise within Clydeside Surveys and its associate companies. The experience gained in developing the software techniques to present oceanographic and environmental data has also been applied in the development of software based real time data collection and display systems.

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